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the dinosaurs will die

Hollywood, your days are limited. Look to the record companies and mainstream media as your future. You are slowly dying because people crave freedom. Continue reading

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when experts go bad

When advocates of certain ideas call for censorship, for violence, when they do not release data, marginalized their opponents, engage in red herrings, or subject their opponents to ad hominem attacks, refuse to engage in debates or bets, these are tell take signs that they are intellectual fascists. Their work should be instantly suspect, and the burden of proof should be theirs. Continue reading

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why Socialism is evil

Socialism is not evil because it “doesn’t work”. It is evil because it is evil. Continue reading

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people are not robots

Human beings naturally love freedom; they love to innovate and create. They want to be free to act and think how they wish. When parameters are set on them, such as in a school setting, they naturally rebel. Continue reading

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Christian cliches – do not judge

…the verses usually cited by Christians on not judging are actually a manual on how to judge. Jesus did not hate judgers. Jesus hated hypocrites. If you remove the sin from your own life, then you can judge others. Contrary to modern Christian psychobabble, Paul tells us that to be a good Christian one should judge all things Continue reading

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FCC builds Berlin Wall to prevent escape

I remember one political science trip to DC during my college years. I had a chance to talk to the Commissioner of the FCC,┬áJonathan Steven Adelstein. My question revolved around the lack of open market mechanics in the radio spectrum. … Continue reading

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in defense of drunk driving

It is not about saving lives; it never is. As Steve Lansburg would point out, the lesson is never about tooth brushing it is about authority. Continue reading

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