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The Biblical Standard of Marriage

In the book of Matthew, Jesus is approached by the Pharisees. The Pharisees present Jesus with one of the contentious issues of the day: divorce. Jesus questions their fundamental understanding of marriage. To Jesus, when people are joined, they are … Continue reading

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an overview of the book of job

Main characters: God (Yahweh) – In this text, Yahweh rules from His court in heaven. The angles approach Him and report on their activities. God is styled as considering what His court attendants bring to His attention. God is propositioned … Continue reading

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the Bible does not command holy war

The Old Testament has been criticized for the violence commanded by God. Israel is told to kill the inhabitants of the Promised Land. This command extends to women, children, and even livestock: Deu 20:16 But in the cities of these … Continue reading

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against the modern pharisees

There is a scene in Mark in which the Pharisees accost Jesus for not following ritual law that had been developed from their interpretations of Levitical code: Mar 7:5 Then the Pharisees and scribes asked Him, “Why do Your disciples … Continue reading

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Jesus was not a pacifist

Whenever the teachings of Jesus are examined it is important not to divorce Jesus from his historical setting. As Bart Ehrman points out in his lectures, Jesus does not spend much time teaching monotheism. Jesus is preaching to a Jewish … Continue reading

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what was the sin of sodom

Disclaimer: This is not an article defending or condemning homosexuality or an article defending Sodom as an historical event. Instead, this is a scholarly attempt to understand what the author of Genesis 17-18 believed were the major categories of sin … Continue reading

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Jesus did not overturn the law

It is widely believed that Jesus overturned aspects of the Law. In Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lists a series of antitheses. These are statements that follow a particular formula: “You have heard it said… but I say … Continue reading

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God in the book of job – who darkened what counsel

In the book of Job, Job suffers due to a divine wager between God and Satan (“the adversary”). Job’s friends attempt to persuade Job that God does not punish unjustly; they claim Job has a hidden sin. Job, though, is … Continue reading

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misquoted verses – vengeance is mine

Often Christians repeat the cliché “vengeance is mine saith the Lord” in order to prove some sort of political or social point. The statement is used to oppose the death penalty, to oppose personal retribution, to oppose any negative repercussions … Continue reading

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when God killed children in vain

Jer 2:30 “In vain [shawv] I have chastened [naw-kaw’] your children; They received no correction. Your sword has devoured your prophets like a destroying lion. In Jeremiah 2, God is lamenting that Israel has abandoned Him. In this chapter, God … Continue reading

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