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an overview of the mystery cults

[W]e may say that a Mystery-Religion was (I) a religion of symbolism which, through myth and allegory, iconic representations, blazing lights and dense darkness, liturgies and sacramental acts, and suggestion quickened the intuitions of the heart, and provoked in the … Continue reading

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the jewish temple is violated

When Pompey subdued Jerusalem (63BC), one of his first acts was to enter into the Jew’s most sacred place. It is here that the historian Tacitus (56-117 AD) says that Pompey discovered that the Jewish mysteries were empty: [5.9] Gnaeus … Continue reading

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baptism in the mystery cults

From Samuel Angus’ The Mystery Religions: Baptisms, or lustral purifications according to carefully prescribed forms, were required. Says Tertullian: ‘In certain Mysteries, e.g. of Isis and Mithra, it is by baptism (per lavacrum) that members are initiated… in the Apollinarian … Continue reading

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plotinus reveals the mystery

The mystery cults were religious orders that existed from before the time of Plato. Mystery cults held their secrets very closely, hence the name. But modern readers can piece together their secrets with the varied sources that are in existence. … Continue reading

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plato on the purpose of the mystery cults

The historians who study the issue tend to agree that Plato was initiated into the Mystery Cults of his time. Some say that he was singled out for revealing secret information about their teachings, although I have not found anything … Continue reading

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a gnostic Jesus

The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in the Nag Hammadi library, a collection of gnostic texts discovered in 1945. Most scholars date the original Gospel of Thomas to the middle of the second century. One of the most interesting facets … Continue reading

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the secrets of the mystery cults

The mystery cults were the pagan secretive cults that flourished during the rise of Christianity. Many Christian fathers used mystery language or adhered to mystery teachings. Christian similarities to mystery cults might even explain Christianity’s rapid expansion. But several teachings … Continue reading

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why paul uses the word mystery

The apostle Paul, throughout his letters, utilizes a very interesting writing style. He knows his local audience and incorporates elements of their society to make theological points. For example, in Corinthians he alludes to special sports competitions that they held. … Continue reading

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lord means god

In the book Among the Gentiles, Luke Johnson points out the term “Lord” was used of gods in the ancient world: The title “Lord” (kyrios) was probably the earliest used by the first believers to express their conviction that Jesus … Continue reading

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of mystery cults and baptism

The baptisms performed by Ambrose and Augustine are additional evidence that the Church, very early on, became heavily paganized. Continue reading

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