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peter enns and a fake letter to paul

From Peter Enns’s blog, he imagines what a return letter to Paul from the Romans may have looked like: Dear Paul, We read your letter with great interest, and it sparked no little amount of commotion among your fellow Jews. … Continue reading

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swearing, profanity, crude language, and the Bible

In modern usage, swearing and profanity is defined as using any vulgar language. The Biblical definitions are slightly different. Profanity From the 10 Commandments: Exo 20:7 “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for … Continue reading

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the church in the old testament

There is a claim among Acts 2 dispensationalists that “church” is a dispensational term. The claim is that the church was established by Jesus or the apostles in the New Testament. After all, the word “church” is not used in … Continue reading

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moses convinces God to look good – exodus 32

In Exodus 32, God sees Israel’s first major rebellion against Him. While Moses is on Mount Sinai talking to God about commandments for Israel, Israel camps below and builds a false idol in the shape of a calf. God then … Continue reading

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the black market for legal controlled drugs

A while back, I listened to an NPR story about black market drugs. These were normal drugs like Viagra and pimple medication. Because patents and copyrights create a framework for overpriced medicine, black markets in generic knockoffs are thriving. The … Continue reading

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the conditional eternal kingdom of israel

In 1 Samuel 8, Israel demands a king. God feels rejected (1Sa 8:7) but appoints Saul (possibly a late fulfillment of Deuteronomy 17:15). God planned to use Saul and set Saul’s kingdom up forever. But Saul fails. God then revokes … Continue reading

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cut up chuck – the failure of utilitarianism

Economist Bryan Caplan has a post about utilitarianism in which he describes a scenario he calls “Cut up Chuck”: The “Cut Up Chuck” Case: A homeless guy named Chuck comes into the ER with a treatable leg wound. But instead … Continue reading

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the apostles taught the law

When debating covenant theologians (in this context, covenant theologians are those who believe Paul and Jesus, James and the twelve taught the same ministry), it is not a fruitful use of time to talk about the differences between Paul and … Continue reading

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mosaic sex laws

In Deuteronomy 22 we find the primary Mosaic laws on adultery, rape and consensual sex. The first scenario that is presented is a man marrying a woman. The issue at stake is if she advertised herself as a virgin and … Continue reading

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government licensing

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