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popehat builds a gun strawman

On Popehat, a new blogger, Marc Randazza, posts an unusually dull and misinformed piece on guns. The name of the article is “You Are Not Going to Resist the Government With Your Guns”. In this article, the blogger imagines the … Continue reading

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gun debates

Two excellent examples of how the left debates gun control. It is very telling that those on the left believed that Piers Morgan won these debates: And

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do not defend your right to own a gun

When talking about guns, debates seem to be of the standard script. Anti gun folks will point out shootings and crime. Pro gun folks will counter with statistical probabilities and examples of states. All of this is in the attempt … Continue reading

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arming rebels

A Facebook quote from a good friend: So… If we’re going to give the Syrian Rebels guns or other weapons, each recipient should have to go through the same background check proposed to be done on US citizens since the … Continue reading

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making the state irrelevant

Politicians consistently attempt to control every aspect of life. They wish to tell us what to eat, what we can and can’t buy, who we can do business with, who we must do business with, and an entire host of … Continue reading

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leftists use guns to curb state corruption

In Oakland, California Panthers would patrol the streets at night with legally owned shotguns and law books. Police brutality and false arrests dropped dramatically. The response of the State Legislature was to change the gun laws so that Black Panthers could no longer do armed patrols. The Panther’s response was to interrupt the hearings with guns and proclamations in hand. Bobby Seale, co founder of the Panthers told the press that black people had a constitutional right to bear arms to defend themselves. Continue reading

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