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an overview of the mystery cults

[W]e may say that a Mystery-Religion was (I) a religion of symbolism which, through myth and allegory, iconic representations, blazing lights and dense darkness, liturgies and sacramental acts, and suggestion quickened the intuitions of the heart, and provoked in the … Continue reading

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gerson on dualism in plotinus

Plotinus and other Platonists identified matter with evil. Plotinus scholar, Lloyd P Gerson, explains their dualism in his pivotal work Plotinus: We have already encountered briefly Plotinus’ identification of matter with evil. Such an identification, along with the identification of … Continue reading

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my speaking in tongues anecdote

When I was in Portland, I was scouting out churches and found a fairly nice church. The pastor approached me after the service and started asking me questions, one of which dealt with my church background. I mentioned I had … Continue reading

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ehrman on the present and future kingdom of God

From Bart Ehrman’s Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium: At the same time, there are other indications, even in these earlier sources, that in some sense Jesus and his followers thought they were already enjoying aspects of the future Kingdom … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Tim Jacks – Vaccinations and Risk

A response to this article in which Tim Jack explains how his child with Leukemia was exposed to measles. He lashes out at parents who do not vaccinate their children. Tim, First of all, I would like to say that … Continue reading

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understanding colossians 2

The book of Colossians was written by Paul to the Greek city of Colossae. Like all Paul’s writings, he interweaves popular memes and cultural icons into his message. Paul then takes these allusions and turns them on their head, pointing … Continue reading

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buying government toiletpaper

The Blaze posts a recent article about wasteful purchasing by the government. This article covers a single buy of toilet paper for the DOJ. Whoever wrote this article is largely unfamiliar with government contracting, and they chose a fairly bad … Continue reading

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