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the record keeper – a review

The Record Keeper is a steampunk themed webseries centered around the angels’ perspectives as events occur throughout the Bible. If that sounds awesome, it is because it is awesome. The series was produced as an outreach project by Seventh Day … Continue reading

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the trinity explained

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spontaneous order on roads

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william lane craig explains the ad hominem fallacy

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government licensing

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new feminism

Tammy Bruce talks about the perils of feminism. She criticizes the feminist desire to emulate men, their new-found disregard for inhibition, and their marginalization of men. She right draws attention to the fact that feminism has destroyed itself, result in … Continue reading

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property rights are the basis of a civil society

From LearnLiberty:

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soviet grocery store

It is very important to understand the abject poverty that socialism wreaked on its population. Without price incentives, no one produced and no one could buy anything. Lines and shortages were everyday life. Here is video from a Soviet grocery … Continue reading

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the case against education

Bryan Caplan makes the case against education. He has a forthcoming book on the subject.

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ikea anthropomorphic lamp commercial

The guy at the end sums it all up nicely:

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