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was Canaan the child of Ham and Noah’s wife

In short, those who claim that Ham merely saw his father naked, have no explanation for Canaan’s curse and end up claiming that God curses children for the sins of their fathers. They also end up believing that multi-generational curses can be levied for mere sight of something that naturally occurs in human beings (nakedness). They also violate their own interpretation rules with candor. The facts point to Canaan being the result of an incestuous relationship between Noah’s wife and Canaan. Continue reading

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martyrdom of forty wrestlers

It turns out that this story was actually attributed to Vespasian. This is around 320AD whereas Nero (a co-temporary of Paul) reigned from 54-68AD. The difference is huge, enough to rewrite all of Church history. Imagine a story about terrorists blowing up the Twin Towers but in 1730 AD. Not a small mistake. Continue reading

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is music piracy communism?

To show the absurdity of the term Communism being associated with “Intellectual Property” one needs only to show the failure of “Intellectual Property” to have an actual real definition… Other people invent words all the time, which I use freely without giving them compensation. Does this fact make every advocate of “Intellectual Property” a “word” Communist? Continue reading

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those who misrepresent government spending

A while back I read a post by Don Boudreaux criticizing those who claim trust funds are not real debt. I realized that while he is responding to a real person who reality believes this, I half scoffed to myself … Continue reading

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a few questions for Socialists on wealth creation

From a leftist paper’s online comments: People shop at Wal Mart BECAUSE they can’t afford to shop anywhere else because Wal Mart drives other businesses who pay more out. Self fulfilling prophecy! Is that how it works? This conjures up … Continue reading

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God’s omniscience – a rope of sand

…to be actual evidence these verses must demonstrate not only that God knows the future but that he does so in such a way distinguishable from me knowing that I will go to work tomorrow. [They]..must demonstrate that God knows the future in a way distinguishable from the way Austrian economists knew the price of gold would skyrocket after price controls were lifted. Continue reading

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Industrial Revolution and Child Labor

It is sickening, those who advocate child labor laws. Laws are filled with unintended consequences. Their very purpose is to use force to stop people from performing mutually beneficial activities. These laws, quite literally, “steal jobs away from children.” These children often starve, dig through garbage, or turn to prostitution. It makes me sick when Americans advocate ruining the lives of these precious children. Continue reading

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DOD cracks down on spice

The DOD is now drug testing for spice. Not everyone is pleased by this new development, including this girl:

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