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Origen’s Neo-Platonism

Origen was an early merger of Neo-Platonism and Christian theology. In his writings, he represents creation as a departion from God. God is immutable and changeless. God, therefore, is not to be thought of as being either a body or … Continue reading

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omnipotence in platonism and in thomism

From Plotinus by Lloyd P Gerson: Where a creation metaphysics such as that of Aquinas differs from Plotinian metaphysics is in its claim that the [ἀρχή] of all is the sole cause not of the existence but of the being … Continue reading

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gerson on dualism in plotinus

Plotinus and other Platonists identified matter with evil. Plotinus scholar, Lloyd P Gerson, explains their dualism in his pivotal work Plotinus: We have already encountered briefly Plotinus’ identification of matter with evil. Such an identification, along with the identification of … Continue reading

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