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my speaking in tongues anecdote

When I was in Portland, I was scouting out churches and found a fairly nice church. The pastor approached me after the service and started asking me questions, one of which dealt with my church background. I mentioned I had … Continue reading

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my discussion with one of the little rock nine (or irrationality in politics)

Around 2004, I was taking a college class in Discrimination and Law. The purpose of this class was to examine the legal rules and processes behind discrimination lawsuits. The content of this class was very infuriating, describing burdens of proof … Continue reading

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stone touchscreens

I was showing my young boys a tv show which recounted the events of Moses on Mount Sinai. I explained to them the events as they were being depicted on the screen. Moses ascends to Mount Sinai. Moses speaks with … Continue reading

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God kills for a bad sermon

One clear Sunday morning my family and I arrived to church to find that our pastor, Pastor John, was away. He was absent due to a recent death of his dear friend. This friend happened to be another pastor, and … Continue reading

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my children attempt to use the sink

The most amazing thing happened the other day. I had led my children into the bathroom at a restaurant, they used the facilities, and then they walked over to the sink to wash their hands. I was at the correct … Continue reading

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God is in control

Here is a little cartoon I drew in college.

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how you know you are doing something right

Joh 15:18 “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me [Jesus] before it hated you. A picture from my college days. It was events like these that confirmed I was doing the right things. This was in … Continue reading

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some music

Surprisingly my favorite Christian song is one by a pop Christian, tobyMac. The chorus covers one truth that is forgotten in modern Christianity:     Here is what I consider my theme song: Heretic Pride by the Mountain Goats. Of … Continue reading

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vindicated on the patriot act

In 2003 I wrote a college article criticizing the Republicans for expanding government (at one point indicating the Patriot Act particularly): Bush has also recently passed the Patriot Act which destroys individual rights. Under section 215 the government is able … Continue reading

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top 10 reasons Rambo should be the movie of the year

Usually any movie featuring Sylvester Stallone has a special place in my heart, that is in the bargain bin part of it. But once in a while, an aging, hideous, monster of a man might actually make a good movie. Continue reading

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