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God in the book of job – who darkened what counsel

In the book of Job, Job suffers due to a divine wager between God and Satan (“the adversary”). Job’s friends attempt to persuade Job that God does not punish unjustly; they claim Job has a hidden sin. Job, though, is … Continue reading

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clines on the conclusion of job

David Clines argues that the conclusion of Job is that retributive justice is not a necessary part of God’s creation: From Deconstructing the Book of Job: Where then stands the philosophy asserted by the poem of 3.1–42.6, the core of … Continue reading

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The Christian Case for Drug Legalization

Disclaimer: I have never been involved in any illegal drug use, as such, any case I am making to legalize drugs should be taken on principle. In an online drug legalization debate, Pastor Bob Enyart argues that drugs should be … Continue reading

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how the digital revolution undermines feminism

An astounding piece of news in itself, writes a fair minded article on a college “sexism versus free speech” event. Near (and not “on”) the University of Mary Washington there was a social gathering which hosted some members of … Continue reading

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misquoted verses – alpha and omega

In Revelation there is an interesting phrase which reoccurs several times. This phrase is not found elsewhere in the Bible (not in this form), but is unique to Revelation. God claims to be the “Alpha and Omega”. Proponents of Negative … Continue reading

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why economists are more reliable than doctors on health issues

Russ Roberts and Emily Oster explain exactly why Economists should be the more trusted individuals for health decisions. Roberts also explains why doctors are particularly ill-suited to make health related recommendations. The reason is that doctors generally do not understand … Continue reading

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