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letter to an open air preacher

I wish to admonish you, with brotherly love, for erring concerning the truth of the gospel. Continue reading

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Christian cliches – idolatry is valuing anything above God

Christians say over and over that idolatry is to have anything with more focus than God. This meme takes various forms: calling drinking a god, calling video games a god, calling sports a god. The problem with this, however, is that the Bible never describes hobbies or obsessions as a god. There may be other sins involved with these things, but it is definitely not the sin of idolatry. Continue reading

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augustine thought sex was the original sin

but as sex between Adam and Eve. Continue reading

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Jesus spoke Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew

It is apparent Jesus spoke multiple languages, as did many in the multicultural society. On the cross he speaks in Aramaic. His listeners apparently do not understand this as his native language. It was definitely not the language Jesus had been speaking to Pilot in Jerusalem (Greek). This was not the language Jesus used to debate the Bible as a Kid (Hebrew). Jesus spoke all three. Continue reading

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Ehrman on Judas’ motives

…human beings are not single input robots. Human beings usually have multiple and competing (sometimes even contradictory) reasons for the things they do… Usually, authors stick to a main motivation which complements the theme of the author’s point. In a text on Biblical errancy, Ehrman will highlight his struggle with the Bible. In a text on God, Ehrman will highlight his struggle with the problem of evil. Continue reading

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why can we trust the Bible

But this gospel (historical, falsifiable, and highly witnessed) is what defines Christians and Christianity. Christianity is unique in this respect, it is a historical religion centered on the truth of a historical event. It is not about people’s actions, their feelings, going to church, or any other criteria. It is based on the historical life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Continue reading

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money worship and the “buy local” scam

The following is a letter to the editor I wrote in response for a call to “Buy Local”. The name and location have been removed: A very interesting article appeared in the xyz News in which xyz lauds “buying locally”. … Continue reading

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Answering a few Atheist questions

Recently I came across a challenge put forward by an atheist blog for Christians to answer atheist questions. I wrote up a series of answers, with no expectation it would ever be published by this site. Political correctness will never … Continue reading

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