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in the copyright news

Just as homosexuals have to keep changing their group identification name (queer, gay, homosexuals, etc) because their actions naturally discredit the word, copyright infringers seem to be having the opposite effects on their group name Continue reading

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overpopulation is a myth

I stumbled across the following brilliant video on YouTube. There are several more just like it and all just as powerful, but that will not matter to those who see significant profit/power in keeping the myth of overpopulation alive Continue reading

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how federal contracting works

By the time the rules and regulations get down to an operational level, the web of bureaucracy is thick. It is quite amazing the government gets anything done at all. Continue reading

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the tempest

Another of Shakespeare’s plays are coming to the big screen by the same director of Titus. I have not been this excited since Chronicles of Narnia hit theaters. Continue reading

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the gold standard fallacy

The Gold Standard is counter-intuitive because is goes against the basic premise that markets are a good thing. If a free market is good in the case of health care, schools, and any other good, why not money as well? Continue reading

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the myth of predatory pricing

Predatory pricing does not work. For every cartel, there is 100 speculators. Firms have no choice but to price at a nature market equilibrium price. Continue reading

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the Chinese do not care about copyright

I was once told that the Chinese car industry buys foreign cars, ships them to China, strips them down, copies all the parts, and then builds their own. Apparently this even extends to the company logos. Continue reading

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