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the dinosaurs will die

Hollywood, your days are limited. Look to the record companies and mainstream media as your future. You are slowly dying because people crave freedom. Continue reading

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what is a lie

A lie is a statement with intent to deceive. Continue reading

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when is a lie not a sin

If one believes the Bible. If one believes that God does not sin. Then lying cannot possibly be always a sin. It is not wrong to lie to God’s enemies. It is not wrong to lie to those wishing to hurt you. It is wrong to lie to your neighbor. Continue reading

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copyright thugs strike GTA

To make a million dollar game, movie, or any other wide scoped project, one will always violate some sort of copyright. Art works by building on the ideas of others. There is no possible way to do otherwise. But copyright laws are not about creation, they are about stagnation and government control. Continue reading

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a new Social Contract

Each of us places his person and authority under the supreme direction of the God’s will. Each individual will live as he wishes otherwise with an understanding that laws are only laws if caught and the penalties (if any) are the fees for that action. These fees may include involve countless hours in court and harassment by police, as well as a small chance of legal punishment. Continue reading

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Calvinism defeated in two verses

The Calvinists are at a dilemma. Either they need now to explain away the plain reading of these two verses, endorse an illogical view, or reject Calvinism. Continue reading

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top 10 reasons Rambo should be the movie of the year

Usually any movie featuring Sylvester Stallone has a special place in my heart, that is in the bargain bin part of it. But once in a while, an aging, hideous, monster of a man might actually make a good movie. Continue reading

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95 Open Theism verses

95 verses on Open Theism or on Free Will Continue reading

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Christian cliches – is it a sin to drink wine

Alcohol is not a sin, but being a drunkard is a sin. All the quotes in the Bible concerning alcohol and sinning deals with drunkenness, not the rare drunken night or drinking to drown sorrow, but the wanton gluttony that characterized drunkards. Continue reading

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Eagle Forum opposes personhood

It will not be until organizations who follow God and do not compromise on murder, it will not be until they make personhood mainstream that the pretenders will jump on board. Continue reading

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