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the dinosaurs will die

Hollywood, your days are limited. Look to the record companies and mainstream media as your future. You are slowly dying because people crave freedom. Continue reading

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in the copyright news

Just as homosexuals have to keep changing their group identification name (queer, gay, homosexuals, etc) because their actions naturally discredit the word, copyright infringers seem to be having the opposite effects on their group name Continue reading

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the gold standard fallacy

The Gold Standard is counter-intuitive because is goes against the basic premise that markets are a good thing. If a free market is good in the case of health care, schools, and any other good, why not money as well? Continue reading

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the United Way scam

The strong-arming is one thing, but the end projects for these donations range from worthless to absurd. No one in their right mind would claim that $100 donation to the United Way is the most efficient and sociality beneficial use of that $100. Continue reading

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But God prefers human actors, he prefers allowing free agents to act for him, he prefers not to force himself on his creation. Continue reading

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why Socialism is evil

Socialism is not evil because it “doesn’t work”. It is evil because it is evil. Continue reading

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