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when experts go bad

When advocates of certain ideas call for censorship, for violence, when they do not release data, marginalized their opponents, engage in red herrings, or subject their opponents to ad hominem attacks, refuse to engage in debates or bets, these are tell take signs that they are intellectual fascists. Their work should be instantly suspect, and the burden of proof should be theirs. Continue reading

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channel your inner Szasz

The basic premise is that there are large incentives for doctors and psychologists to label things as diseases, although there is a surprising lack of clinical evidence that can test for these diseases. Continue reading

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the absurdity of Intellectual Property

Copyright is a huge fraud. It is extremely arbitrary and extremely oppressive. Contrary to Copyright claims, Jesus said “is it not [Biblically] lawful for me to do what I want with what I own?” In other words, if I have a hard drive, can I not arrange the 1s and 0s however I wish? Copyright strips people of ownership rights. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property in ancient Greece

The government is always there to create special privileges out of thin air for those who do not want to compete in a free market. Continue reading

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most asinine quote of the day

“When someone thinks that they, on their own, can decide that somehow the government is tyrannical and that they can start a revolution, start a civil war, then we’re not following the process that our founding fathers set up.”
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on speaking without voting

“If one did not perform an utterly meaningless and symbolic gesture that saps gross amounts of personal time then one no longer should be able to engage in the God given right to free speech.” Continue reading

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cargo cult of education

“you have created a supply of skills where there is no demand for skills. And so the skills go to waste – with, say, highly educated taxi drivers.” Continue reading

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in defense of drunk driving

It is not about saving lives; it never is. As Steve Lansburg would point out, the lesson is never about tooth brushing it is about authority. Continue reading

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