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adventures in feminist video game fantasies

Feminists have been waging a campaign against video games. A frequent claim is that video games need to cater to the female demographic. They believe that their feminist notions should be inserted in mainstream releases of major computer and console … Continue reading

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men and women are different – example 528873

Data on active users from the latest Ashley Madison hack. It is worth noting that female accounts are free, while men have to pay:

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how the digital revolution undermines feminism

An astounding piece of news in itself, writes a fair minded article on a college “sexism versus free speech” event. Near (and not “on”) the University of Mary Washington there was a social gathering which hosted some members of … Continue reading

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weaknesses of the left

Scott Sumner identifies some weaknesses in left wing thinkers: Weakness #1: Intellectuals on the left go through the following thought process. First they observe a “problem.” Then they declare a “market failure.” Then they consider what sort of government policy … Continue reading

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new feminism

Tammy Bruce talks about the perils of feminism. She criticizes the feminist desire to emulate men, their new-found disregard for inhibition, and their marginalization of men. She right draws attention to the fact that feminism has destroyed itself, result in … Continue reading

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men and women are different

An oft heard statistic is that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes .77 cents. The factoid itself is a sharp lesson in bad statistics. It is calculated by taking the “median” female income (not even the average!) … Continue reading

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overstating your case

People inherently think that they are correct. If people did not think they were correct, they would not hold those particular views. And although everyone claims not to be perfect, few people show real actions that confirm that they think … Continue reading

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speaking in tongues vs the Bible

In this paper I argue that when Paul refers to “Tongues” in Corinthians that he is referring to foreign languages. Continue reading

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