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democracy does not give voice

As in a real democracy, my vote counts for nothing–the group always decides what it decides irrespective of my vote. By working in a “workplace democracy”, I have simply traded a one-headed boss for a many-headed boss… individual political liberty does not make individuals more autonomous or in control in any meaningful sense. Continue reading

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ww2 did not save america from the great depression

Rationing, building war machines, young men being forced out of the workforce to other countries just to die in battle. These do not lend themselves to a feeling of prosperity. Apparently, though, common sense is not common. This paper reviews journals and other contemporary sources to confirm what should be obvious: war does not cause prosperity. Continue reading

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jewish heroes stand up against fascist

With America’s own flirting with fascism, it is ironic that it was four Jewish men who brought down a key piece of FDR’s controls, the first New Deal. Steve Horwitz details the story of the Schechter brothers, butchers from NY that refused to violate kosher laws to conform with the New Deal Continue reading

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invisible progress

We live in a amazing world. Continue reading

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stitching clothes together is poverty

If you are still not convinced that our policymakers’ objections are inane, consider this: As our U.S. athletes march around the track at London’s Olympic stadium wearing their Chinese-made uniforms and waving their Chinese-made American flags, the Chinese athletes will have arrived in London by U.S.-made aircraft, been trained on U.S.-designed and -engineered equipment, wearing U.S.-designed and -engineered footwear, having perfected their skills using U.S.-created technology. Continue reading

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