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render to caesar reconsidered

Whenever someone wants to show the Bible supporting taxes they will be quick to turn to Mark 12 to point to the time that Jesus stated “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”. But, contrary to what they think, … Continue reading

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voting for oppression

I remember early in November driving past intersections filled with children waiving colorful signs. They were advocating voting for a new school. After seeing this, my own children asked me what I thought. I explained that it was morally wrong … Continue reading

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deadweight loss

The concept of Deadweight Loss is the concept of mapping the basic economic principle that people respond to incentives. In trade, if the cost of producing an item goes up, forcing an increase in price, the amount bought will decrease … Continue reading

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understanding the fall of detroit

In 1907 Eugene Richter wrote a book entitled “Pictures of the Socialistic Future”. The rise of communism and socialism did not occur until decades later, which makes the accuracy of Richter’s prophecies more chilling. Ritcher applied basic economics to how … Continue reading

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rephrasing the cliche

[John] Kerry said. “Fair and balanced is not giving the wealthiest people in America tax cuts while you ask people on Medicare and Medicaid to pony up more. ..” Continue reading

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