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abortion in early jewish and christian theology

No only this, but in the Apocalypse of Peter (@100-150AD) there is a horrifying image. All those women who have had abortions are forced to wallow in excrement/vile/gore up to their eyes. Their unborn babies encircle them, crying endlessly (the image is of their own children, whom they have murdered, piercing their ears with the infant cries they never were able to hear). And from the babies, fire shoots into the eyes of the mothers who aborted them: Continue reading

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libertarians on abortion

Mollie Hemingway does an excellent job defending unborn babies. Note that the creepy and weird Ronald Bailey is the same one that wrote an article suggesting only to mock creationists. Yeah, a real gem for libertarians: Video streaming by Ustream

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the gospel of babies

As Christians, it is our duty to proclaim to the world the gospel of babies. Babies are a blessing. God loves babies, and God holds particular love for the innocent. We see God’s love throughout the Bible. In Exodus, God … Continue reading

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treat burglary like abortion

A 2008 letter to the editor I wrote. It always makes me chuckle. One person replied “I spit out my coffee when I read this”:

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star trek is absurd

I am not a big fan of the Star Trek universe. The plot of the Star Trek always borders on extreme absurdity. One particular episode that I have always thought illustrated this is the episode in which a planet did … Continue reading

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safeguard your children from molesters

Today I listened to a couple child sex crime detectives discuss the state of child pornography and child sex crimes in America. The audience cringed and squirmed as the detectives cited their statistics. They had a backlog of 80 cases … Continue reading

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how the free market eliminates discrimination

It has long been argued by economists that price pressures create incentives for employers and merchants to end discrimination. This is true because when products are being sold at the natural market rate, limiting your customers necessarily shifts demand to … Continue reading

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pro-aborts show they are intellectually dishonest

In a recent TIME opinion piece, Tim Padget writes on “hopeless” situation of getting “extreme” abortion laws passed… Continue reading

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