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the evilness of the new deal

Bart Wilson reminds his readers why the New Deal was utterly evil. From The Grapes of Wrath: The works of the roots of the vines, of the trees, must be destroyed to keep up the price, and this is the … Continue reading

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price controls cause famines

Thomas Sowell, in his Basic Economics, has an excellent chapter on price controls. Because prices naturally settle at an equilibrium price, if the government uses artificial means to set prices then there will either be a shortage or a surplus … Continue reading

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sowell on swedish price controls

From Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Economics: Rent control had very much the same effects in Sweden. As of 1940, there were approximately 6,330,000 people living in Sweden and there were about 1,960,000 dwelling units to house them-about 31 housing units … Continue reading

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on the progessives hurting the poor

Even the fact that slum-dwellers often joined with slum landlords to physically resist being evicted by the authorities from housing declared “sub-standard” did not cause Jacob Riis or many other reformers to reconsider whether what they were doing was really in the best interests of the people whose interests they were ostensibly protecting. It is all too easy for people with more formal schooling to believe that they know better than those directly concerned. Continue reading

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