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economics in video games has a must-read article about monetary inflation in video games. Video games, especially massive multiplayer online video games, serve as mini experimentations in economics. When free people are able to transact (to create wealth) in video games, then an … Continue reading

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econ 101 – wealth creation

When economists talk about wealth creation, they are usually referencing the differentials in what value people are willing to pay from something and what the value the seller would be willing to sell for that same thing. This is known … Continue reading

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the new and old king james

While I tend to use the KJV (because it is free), the NKJV is a good translation. It is not good in the sense of being amazingly accurate or properly worded. When people talk about the quality of the translation, … Continue reading

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monetary inflation in the Bible

One interesting property of both gold and silver is that they do not rust. Rust is a property of iron. The only way gold or silver can rust is if iron is added to the gold or silver. Interestingly enough … Continue reading

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racism and hl mencken

An interview with Thomas Sowell, a brilliant writer and economist, led me to this quote from HL Mencken: …the negro, no matter how much he is educated, must remain, as a race, in a condition of subservience; that he must … Continue reading

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calvinist lies

From Norman Geisler’s Creating God in the Image of Man (p 87): Proponents of the new theism assert that “God repents in a variety of circumstances.”… However this allegation overlooks several important things. For one thing Genesis 6:6 does not … Continue reading

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the amazing increase in the worlds standard of living

Worth showing anyone who thinks the standard of living is falling.

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lies and statistics – presenting irrelevant information

Today the Huffington Post published a graphic depicting total tax as a percent of various sources. This was published under a column titled “The 1 Chart That Reveals Just How Grossly Unfair The U.S. Tax System Has Become”: The author … Continue reading

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econ 101 – people respond to incentives

Economics is all about the allocation of scarce resources, whether those resources be money, time, space, mental effort or any other reason. Human beings have unlimited wants, but limited resources to attain their wants. This means they must prioritize their … Continue reading

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can climate scientists do multiple regressions

Multiple regression is a technique used to figure out linked variables as they relate to other variables. For example, an economists might use multiple regression to figure out if being more educated makes one more libertarian. To do that, they … Continue reading

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