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men and women are different

An oft heard statistic is that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes .77 cents. The factoid itself is a sharp lesson in bad statistics. It is calculated by taking the “median” female income (not even the average!) … Continue reading

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reasontv on airbnb

An excellent profile of an amazing company by ReasonTV:

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negative theology

Negative theology is a theology in which God is said to only be known through attributes that separate him from this world. Per Act and Being: It is a dogma whose truth is almost everywhere stated or assumed that the … Continue reading

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the great medical cost decline

The best way to illustrate with real life examples how “insurance” increases the price of services, is to compare covered procedures with uncovered procedures: Cosmetic Surgery Prices. Cosmetic surgery is one of the few types of medical care for which … Continue reading

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understanding insurance costs

Pretend you decide to spend a night out eating at Olive Garden. You arrive to find the restaurant filled with 49 other people, all who value and love Olive Garden’s food. But as soon as you sit down, the waiter … Continue reading

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gun debates

Two excellent examples of how the left debates gun control. It is very telling that those on the left believed that Piers Morgan won these debates: And

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do not defend your right to own a gun

When talking about guns, debates seem to be of the standard script. Anti gun folks will point out shootings and crime. Pro gun folks will counter with statistical probabilities and examples of states. All of this is in the attempt … Continue reading

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the summum bonum

It is important to understand Augustine’s teaching on the ultimate good (summun bonum) because it is the source of many doctrines in modern Christianity. Without this key teaching, many of the negative attributes of God may have never solidified. It … Continue reading

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john maynard keynes was a homosexual pedophile

Most people are aware of the term Keynesianism as the system of thought that believes the government must engage in deficit spending to create growth. John Maynard Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936, and … Continue reading

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God and his testimony

Greeks appear to stress a theology of divine being, Hebrews of divine action… there is a tendency to identify the divine attributes by a list of ‘omni’s’ and negatives – omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent, infinite, eternal, and the rest – and … Continue reading

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