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ban bossy – a case study in terrible statistics

Lately there has been a concerted push to ban the word “bossy”. The creator of this campaign quoted several studies in an effort to show that the term has negatively influenced young ladies. The problem with quoting statistics is that … Continue reading

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God creates a cascading contingency plan

Throughout the Bible, God prides Himself on leading Israel out of Egypt. God’s prophets point to the event incessantly, God highlights His own power by pointing to the event, and the Bible repeatedly links this event with God. Israel seems … Continue reading

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the jews believed in inherited salvation

In the time of Jesus, there was a prominent belief among the Jews that they would be “saved” expressly because they were Jewish. The Jews “inherited” salvation through Abraham. The New Testament has a running theme of countering this belief. … Continue reading

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the religion of recycling

From an excellent article by Mike Munger: My first experience with the recycling debate was in 2008, when I was asked to keynote a conference in Freemantle, Australia. The conference, called “Australia Recycles!,” was a gathering of recycling professionals and … Continue reading

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the apocalypse of adam

The Apocalypse of Adam is an early gnostic apocalyptic document. There is no specific Christian themes, as opposed to Judaism. This may be, in fact, Jewish Gnosticism. The text is dated early, during the rise of Christianity and contains a … Continue reading

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the worst failed Biblical prophecy

The scene is the turn of the first century AD. Israel is under the rule of the Roman Empire. Certain Jews are confident that God will soon save them and restore a righteous kingdom (Luk 1:71). Angels are seen prophesying … Continue reading

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doing evil that good may come

Rom 3:5 But if our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God, what shall we say? Is God unjust who inflicts wrath? (I speak as a man.) Rom 3:6 Certainly not! For then how will God judge the world? Rom 3:7 … Continue reading

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the rape of dinah

In Genesis 34, a story is told of the “rape of Dinah”. The story can be briefly told as such. A local prince has sex with a daughter of Jacob. The prince wants to marry that daughter and comes to … Continue reading

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morrell defines moral government theology

On Facebook, Jesse Morrell answers a question that was asked of him about Moral Government theology. Moral Government theology seems to be a strong movement in grassroots Christianity. “moral government theology… Can you explain what you mean?” God has a … Continue reading

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friedman on cultural differences

From an article about the standard of living differences between Scandinavia and the US: A Scandinavian economist once stated to Milton Friedman: “In Scandinavia we have no poverty.” Milton Friedman replied, “That’s interesting, because in America among Scandinavians, we have … Continue reading

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