why Socialism is evil

It is good v. evil time.

1a. Good or evil? A man giving some of his money to a needy person.

1b. Good or evil? A man taking some of his neighbor’s money at the point of a gun to give to a the same person.

2a. Good or evil? Giving a medic some of your own money to treat an injured stranger.

2b. Good or evil? Forcing a medic to not treat anyone unless he treats a paticular stranger for free.

3a. Good or evil? Telling someone potential benifits and harms of a potentially lifesaving drug before letting them choose whether to take it.

3b. Good or evil? Telling someone they cannot have a potentially lifesaving drug because you deamed the risks too great.

4a. Good or evil? Allowing people who made risky loans to fail when their investment proved too risky.

4b. Good or evil? Reimberssing people who carelessly invested their money in risky assets with the money of those who did not.

Socialism is not evil because it “doesn’t work”. It is evil because it is evil.

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