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the book of life

The Bible contains several vague references to a heavenly book. This book can be considered the Book of Life. In this book, whether literal or figurative, are the names of all who are living (or, alternatively, all who are God’s … Continue reading

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a first class economist on the minimum wage

An important post on the Minimum Wage debate. Don Bourdreaux posts some blog comments from an anonymous commenter. Excerpts: On possible unintended consequences: (1) Low-skilled workers can be replaced by slightly more-skilled workers once the wage difference between them has … Continue reading

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the Bible does not command holy war

The Old Testament has been criticized for the violence commanded by God. Israel is told to kill the inhabitants of the Promised Land. This command extends to women, children, and even livestock: Deu 20:16 But in the cities of these … Continue reading

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