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Are all mass shooters liberal democrats?

The purpose of this article is to compile primary and secondary evidence as to the religious or political affiliations of mass shooters. Several articles claim to debunk claims that mass shooters tend to be liberal or democrats. They typically are … Continue reading

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on hypersensitivity

One of the primary causes of the Trump phenomenon is hypersensitivity in modern America. The victim class continually threatens, intimidates, and shames people into silence. One cannot have a normal conversation without having to worry that people will explode randomly … Continue reading

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how the digital revolution undermines feminism

An astounding piece of news in itself, writes a fair minded article on a college “sexism versus free speech” event. Near (and not “on”) the University of Mary Washington there was a social gathering which hosted some members of … Continue reading

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weaknesses of the left

Scott Sumner identifies some weaknesses in left wing thinkers: Weakness #1: Intellectuals on the left go through the following thought process. First they observe a “problem.” Then they declare a “market failure.” Then they consider what sort of government policy … Continue reading

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Thaddeus Russell exposes the anti-market and pro-fascism elements in a few hit songs. Reason first explains the massive improvement in the lives of the poorest Americans, thanks to consumerism: By the end of the 19th century, the material conditions of … Continue reading

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krugman loses all grasp of reality

From a recent post by Paul Krugman talking about Unemployment Insurance. As a background, Classical view states that if you pay someone to be unemployed, they will stay unemployed longer than otherwise. Here is Krugman: But if you follow right-wing … Continue reading

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the simon- ehrlich bet

“If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000.” – Paul Ehrlich, 1971 In 1968, Paul Ehrlich published the book “The Population Bomb”. The first couple sentences of the book … Continue reading

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men and women are different

An oft heard statistic is that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes .77 cents. The factoid itself is a sharp lesson in bad statistics. It is calculated by taking the “median” female income (not even the average!) … Continue reading

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john maynard keynes was a homosexual pedophile

Most people are aware of the term Keynesianism as the system of thought that believes the government must engage in deficit spending to create growth. John Maynard Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936, and … Continue reading

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huffington post is ignorant of history

On Huffington Post, there is a new article titled: “Five Things Christian Fundamentalists Just Don’t Get”. It is approximately the quality and intelligence one would expect from an organization who regularly ignores the entire established science of economics. This particular … Continue reading

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