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on the progessives hurting the poor

Even the fact that slum-dwellers often joined with slum landlords to physically resist being evicted by the authorities from housing declared “sub-standard” did not cause Jacob Riis or many other reformers to reconsider whether what they were doing was really in the best interests of the people whose interests they were ostensibly protecting. It is all too easy for people with more formal schooling to believe that they know better than those directly concerned. Continue reading

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on mayan torture

Captives [of the Mayans] were tortured in unpleasant ways depicted clearly on the monuments and murals (such as yanking fingers out of sockets, pulling out teeth, cutting off the lower jaw, trimming off the lips and fingertips, pulling out the fingernails, and driving a pin through the lips), culminating (sometimes several years later) in the sacrifice of the captive in other equally unpleasant ways (such as tying the captive up into a ball by binding the arms and legs together, then rolling the balled-up captive down the steep stone staircase of a temple). Continue reading

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apologists for the aztecs

So this was the land Cortez came upon: human sacrifice (including men, women, and children), cannibalization, wearing of skin of the murdered (a yearly Aztec festival), and a bitter oppression of neighboring nations. The best book that describes these events is William H Prescott’s classic A History of the Conquest of Mexico. This is a book that praises Cortez for his primary mission to convert the natives. Continue reading

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homosexuality is not genetic

For now, the statistics do not look favorably on those who claim homosexuality is genetic. The evidence says no. If one twin is a homosexual, there is a 20% chance that their identical twin is also homosexual (defined as having at least one same-sex partner). The results seem to be even less favorable to the thesis that “homosexuality is genetic” if one wants to compare the number of same sex partners between twins. Continue reading

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life expectancy higher in US

When people say Europeans have a better health care system and then point to overall life expectancy, it is worthwhile to put them on the defensive and tell them if you control for deaths that have little to do with Health Care, then the US comes out on top. Continue reading

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dont mess with armed 12 year olds

Good news. A 12 year old, home alone, shot an intruder. Continue reading

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