Understanding the Bible
understanding genesis 18 – God visits Abraham to eat his food and talk about babies. Abraham then negotiates with God for the fate of Sodom.

understanding psalms 12 – King David surveys the evil state of the world. David prays for destruction of the wicked and the salvation of the righteous.

understanding psalms 13 – King David wonders when God will save him, and attempts to convince God to do so.

understanding psalms 23 – King David’s most famous psalm. David writes about his relationship with God.

understanding psalms 88 – One of the darkest Psalms in the Bible. The author wonders where God is.

understanding psalms 89 – Ethan accuses God of abandonment.

understanding psalms 90 – Moses muses about Man’s lifespan and asks for God’s help

understanding psalms 115 – God is on trial by unbelievers. God’s power and faithfulness are questioned.

understanding psalms 139 – King David again writes about his special relationship with God.

understanding isaiah 5 – God then laments over Israel while explaining their coming judgment.

overview of isaiah 40 – Isaiah highlights God’s power.

understanding isaiah 41 – Isaiah highlights God’s power.

understanding jeremiah 3 – God divorces Israel.

understanding jeremiah 18 – God explains that He will change based on the actions of man.

understanding hosea 1 – Hosea is forced to marry a prostitute to illustrate God’s relationship with Israel.

understanding romans 9 – Paul argues that has abolished Israel’s special status.

understanding galatians chapter 1 – part 1 Paul is concerned that Jewish Christians are subverting his teachings.

understanding colossians 2 – Paul Counters Platonism.

Misquoted Verses
misquoted verses – all days were written before there were any – Psalms 139:16 is probably about fetology, not about predestination.

misquoted verses – one day is like a thousand years – The “God is eternal” interpretation of 2 Peter 3:8 does not make sense in context.

misquoted verses – the eyes of the Lord – The “eyes of the Lord” are very probably angels.

misquoted verses – the potter and the clay – The parable of the potter and the clay is about informing people that God changes based on the actions of people.

misquoted verses – all things work together for good – This verse is not about happy outcomes to all tragedies, but a Christian hope in Christ.

misquoted verses – God does not change – Malachi 3:6 does not mean God is immutable. The immediate context is God changing.

misquoted verses – false humility – False humility means abstinence from physical pleasure.

misquoted verses – vegetarians are weak and wine makes people stumble – Romans 14 is about social issues surrounding meat, not the act of eating meat versus vegetarianism.

misquoted verses – the widows mite – Jesus’ illustration of the widow’s mite was against tithing, not an encouragement to tithe.

misquoted verses – head coverings – 1 Corinthians 11 is probably about hair length and not hats.

misquoted verses – baptism of fire – The “baptism of fire” was killing the wicked, not Pentecost.

Christian Cliches
all sins are equal – All sins are not, in fact, equal. Different sins have different weights. Some people are judged harsher for the same sin based on who they are.

do not judge – Not only are Christians commanded to judge, but we need to judge now in order to one day judge the angels.

taking things by faith – This is a excuse for people to reject the Bible in favor of their own personal theology.

God is above logic – God cannot possibly be “above” logic. Logic is not a “thing” but an axiom.

Open Theism Apologetics
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