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abimelech changes God’s mind

We learn from Genesis 20 that pagan kings can reason with God and change God’s mind. Continue reading

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Christian cliches – God is above logic

There is a reason man thinks using logic; it is because logic is necessarily true. It is not true because God says it is. To believe the laws of logic are arbitrary is question the very existence of God. Continue reading

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the christian case against copyright

The Bible does not teach intellectual property. Copyright and patents did not exist in ancient Israel (or the rest of the ancient world). Instead they are a modern conception, forced into the Bible by modern Christians who think that their ways are higher than God’s. Instead of defending property rights, they destroy property rights to further their need to control people. They are like the Pharisees who built man made laws on top of God’s laws. Let Matthew 15:8 be the warning: Continue reading

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Jesus and his secret teachings

So every time Jesus talks about anything related to the gospel as we know it, it is always to his disciples, it is never understood by anyone, it is widely rejected, and never is it tied to salvation (redeeming blood, a blood sacrifice, redemption, propitiation, or grace). Instead, the four gospels are laid out in a fashion we would expect. Jesus is introduced. His general gospel is explained. And any nuanced or secret teachings are revealed later. His public ministry was always about a coming Kingdom of God. It was never about his death and resurrection. Continue reading

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the rapture in matthew 24

Who is the “they”? Where are “they” being taken? From verse 38, we see the “they” refers to the wicked. Obviously, “they” were drowned to death and perished. The following verses talk more about a coming apocalypse, then a rapture. Continue reading

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Christian cliches – all sins are equal

So is Jesus saying that all sins are equal or that all sins lead to hell? These are different concepts. As we have shown earlier, some will be judged with many stripes and some with few. Lusting after a woman in your heart, while it is adultery, is less of a sin then actually committing it. Calling your brother fool, is different than murder. Though all sins lead to separation from God, not all sins are equal. Continue reading

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