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on the rapid expansion of Christianity in the first century

First, the movement spread with impressive speed: within 10 years of the death of Jesus, there were communities of believers in Judaea, Samaria, and Syria (Acts 1-11); in 15 years, communities could be found in Asia Minor (Acts 14); in 20 years, through Asia Minor and into Greece (Acts 16-18); and in 25 years, in the capital city of Rome (Acts 28:14)-with ambitions to spread the movement also to Spain.16 Such rapidity of expansion is the more impressive when it is remembered that the evidence for the movement’s spread concerns the existence of ekklesiai (associations, gatherings, communities) and not simply the conversion of individuals. Continue reading

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the great depression did not end till after world war 2

It was not until 1947, when wartime economic controls were ended and government spending and employments levels fell dramatically, that prosperity was restored. Federal government expenditures fell from $98.4 billion in 1945 to $33 billion by 1948, the first year of genuine recovery. Keynesian economists expected a two-thirds reduction in government spending to lead to another depression, but they were dead wrong… Private sector production increased by almost one-third in 1946 alone, as private investment boomed for the first time in eighteen years. Continue reading

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