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copyright thugs strike GTA

To make a million dollar game, movie, or any other wide scoped project, one will always violate some sort of copyright. Art works by building on the ideas of others. There is no possible way to do otherwise. But copyright laws are not about creation, they are about stagnation and government control. Continue reading

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a new Social Contract

Each of us places his person and authority under the supreme direction of the God’s will. Each individual will live as he wishes otherwise with an understanding that laws are only laws if caught and the penalties (if any) are the fees for that action. These fees may include involve countless hours in court and harassment by police, as well as a small chance of legal punishment. Continue reading

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how federal contracting works

By the time the rules and regulations get down to an operational level, the web of bureaucracy is thick. It is quite amazing the government gets anything done at all. Continue reading

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the gold standard fallacy

The Gold Standard is counter-intuitive because is goes against the basic premise that markets are a good thing. If a free market is good in the case of health care, schools, and any other good, why not money as well? Continue reading

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when experts go bad

When advocates of certain ideas call for censorship, for violence, when they do not release data, marginalized their opponents, engage in red herrings, or subject their opponents to ad hominem attacks, refuse to engage in debates or bets, these are tell take signs that they are intellectual fascists. Their work should be instantly suspect, and the burden of proof should be theirs. Continue reading

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