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the trinity explained

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stone touchscreens

I was showing my young boys a tv show which recounted the events of Moses on Mount Sinai. I explained to them the events as they were being depicted on the screen. Moses ascends to Mount Sinai. Moses speaks with … Continue reading

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calvin on God’s sovereign pleasure

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calvinist anthropomorphism meme

At Facebook Group: realityisnotoptional

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treat burglary like abortion

A 2008 letter to the editor I wrote. It always makes me chuckle. One person replied “I spit out my coffee when I read this”:

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dave berry on fiscal problems

From Dave Berry’s year in review: January … which begins with a crisis in Washington, a city that — despite having no industries and a workforce consisting almost entirely of former student council presidents — manages to produce 93 percent … Continue reading

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liberal Jesus meme

My wife tipped me off that the leftist were publishing a meme that falsely characterizes Jesus. People like to recreate Jesus in their own ideology. For example, if people support homosexuality and they like Jesus, then they will look for … Continue reading

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calvinist underpants gnomes

There is a particular episode of South Park which mocks the leftist understanding of how profits work. The entire episode revolves around two stories. One story is of Starbucks moving into town to compete against the local coffee shop. The … Continue reading

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remy videos

From the ever-amazing Remy: And: Not to mention cough drops: And my favorite, Cap and Trade:

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God is in control

Here is a little cartoon I drew in college.

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