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the trump phenomenon

There is a strange wind brewing in the American political scene. The Republican nomination is quite likely to be given to a complete political outsider, who is garnering massive grassroots support. This individual is none other than the continually bankrupt … Continue reading

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adventures in feminist video game fantasies

Feminists have been waging a campaign against video games. A frequent claim is that video games need to cater to the female demographic. They believe that their feminist notions should be inserted in mainstream releases of major computer and console … Continue reading

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men and women are different – example 528873

Data on active users from the latest Ashley Madison hack. It is worth noting that female accounts are free, while men have to pay:

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popehat discusses how power corrupts judges

In reference to the recent story where a judge kidnapped children for refusing to have a meaningful relationship with their father: Judge Lisa Gorcyca has power because she’s a judge. She’s infuriated that her power is, for the moment, insufficient … Continue reading

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how the digital revolution undermines feminism

An astounding piece of news in itself, writes a fair minded article on a college “sexism versus free speech” event. Near (and not “on”) the University of Mary Washington there was a social gathering which hosted some members of … Continue reading

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weaknesses of the left

Scott Sumner identifies some weaknesses in left wing thinkers: Weakness #1: Intellectuals on the left go through the following thought process. First they observe a “problem.” Then they declare a “market failure.” Then they consider what sort of government policy … Continue reading

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caplan on rational irrationality

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