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Charles Dickens: Racist and Bad Writer

A few days ago I learned, not surprisingly, that Dickens was an apologist for murderers, and he was a racist to boot. Continue reading

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overpopulation is a myth

I stumbled across the following brilliant video on YouTube. There are several more just like it and all just as powerful, but that will not matter to those who see significant profit/power in keeping the myth of overpopulation alive Continue reading

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why Socialism is evil

Socialism is not evil because it “doesn’t work”. It is evil because it is evil. Continue reading

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unemployment under Socialism

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target” – Ashleigh Brilliant Continue reading

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Obama has no leg to stand on

“Democrats controlled both houses of Congress before Barack Obama became president.” Continue reading

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people are not robots

Human beings naturally love freedom; they love to innovate and create. They want to be free to act and think how they wish. When parameters are set on them, such as in a school setting, they naturally rebel. Continue reading

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on burning books

The burning the Koran is more of a symbolic act meant to say that the god of Islam is false and that the Religion of Peace is not so peaceful. Continue reading

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