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the trinity explained

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understanding psalms 139

King David, as I have written before, was a great Open Theist poet. King David’s psalms praise God for God’s careful and meticulous involvement in King David’s own life. King David was God’s anointed, and King David was very keen … Continue reading

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stone touchscreens

I was showing my young boys a tv show which recounted the events of Moses on Mount Sinai. I explained to them the events as they were being depicted on the screen. Moses ascends to Mount Sinai. Moses speaks with … Continue reading

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israel chosen as a priest nation

One of God’s favorite individuals throughout the Bible was Abraham. Abraham showed exceptional faith towards God and a promise of a continued loyalty to God. For this, God blesses Abraham. The specific blessing was that Abraham’s descendants would bless the … Continue reading

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redating the new testament

In Redating the New Testament, AT Robinson lists the following dates for the books of the New Testament: James c. 47-8 1 Thessalonians early 50 2 Thessalonians 50-1 1 Corinthians spring 55 1 Timothy autumn 55 2 Corinthians early 56 … Continue reading

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nt wright on the kingdom of God

From the unofficial NT Write page: But ‘theocracy’, in a sense yet to be defined, is of course what is meant by ‘the kingdom of God’, which the synoptic gospels highlight at the central motif of Jesus’ public announcements and … Continue reading

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God’s double standard

God really loved King David. From Walter Brueggemann’s Theology of the Old Testament: Nonetheless, these contrasts function as countertestimony concerning the character of Yahweh. They attest that Yahweh is not a consistent God of command and sanction or, alternatively, of … Continue reading

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who would Jesus whip

Joh 2:13 Now the Passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Joh 2:14 And He found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. Joh … Continue reading

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extreme preferences – slowmo

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taxi avoidance of regulation

About 14 million people live in Bangkok. The city is a sprawling maze of streets with the traffic density to match. Most residents drive scooters, but plenty of cars are also to be found. Many (a visible estimate of half) … Continue reading

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