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justin martyr criticizes the jews for believing God has a body

From DIALOGUE WITH TRYPHO: And again, when He says, ‘I shall behold the heavens, the works of Thy fingers,’ unless I understand His method of using words, I shall not understand intelligently, but just as your teachers suppose, fancying that … Continue reading

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Are all mass shooters liberal democrats?

The purpose of this article is to compile primary and secondary evidence as to the religious or political affiliations of mass shooters. Several articles claim to debunk claims that mass shooters tend to be liberal or democrats. They typically are … Continue reading

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The Cheap Value of Life under Communism

From the Gulag Archipelago: The interrogators had neither voice nor strength left to threaten and torture; they had one universal method: feed the prisoners nothing but salty food and give them no water.  Whoever coughed up gold got water!  One … Continue reading

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Understanding Psalms 11-20

Psalms 11 Psalms 11 is positioned as David addressing those who tell him to flee. The wicked pursue David (v2), and the righteous must worry (v3). David responds that God is not ignorant of his situation. Instead: Psa 11:4  The … Continue reading

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Understanding Psalms 1-10

Psalms 1 The purpose of Psalms one is to encourage individuals to follow Yahweh. A contrast is drawn between someone who follows God and someone who follows the wicked. The psalm concludes with a blanket warning of coming Cosmic Justice: … Continue reading

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Understanding Supply and Demand Graphs

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On the Purpose of Hebrews

From HEBREW CHRISTIAN VS. MESSIANIC JEW: DOES THE LETTER TO THE HEBREWS TEACH THAT THE NEW COVENANT HAS MADE TORAH OBEDIENCE OBSOLETE?: Anderson states later that Hebrews is dealing with different questions than those arising in the context of modern … Continue reading

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