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professional photographer 2 minutes of hate

April 15 is known as Tax Day in America. Within the professional photography community it is a day of rage. In 1984 terms, it is their Two Minutes of Hate. Up to a third of photography business profits might be … Continue reading

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tucker on the unnoticed new world

Jeffery Tucker from a Facebook post (May 2014): A new world is dawning. Do you see it? It is all around you. The state control over the 20th century is giving way to a people-controlled world of the 21st century. … Continue reading

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Thaddeus Russell exposes the anti-market and pro-fascism elements in a few hit songs. Reason first explains the massive improvement in the lives of the poorest Americans, thanks to consumerism: By the end of the 19th century, the material conditions of … Continue reading

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soviet grocery store

It is very important to understand the abject poverty that socialism wreaked on its population. Without price incentives, no one produced and no one could buy anything. Lines and shortages were everyday life. Here is video from a Soviet grocery … Continue reading

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the gospel of babies

As Christians, it is our duty to proclaim to the world the gospel of babies. Babies are a blessing. God loves babies, and God holds particular love for the innocent. We see God’s love throughout the Bible. In Exodus, God … Continue reading

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our amazing standard of living

Three very well written articles on the amazing standard of living we now share: Don Boudreaux explains that people from the past watching multimillionaires would most likely see as amazing the very things that all Americans have access to: Do … Continue reading

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God uses cannibalism as a weapon

I have mentioned before that cannibalism by necessity has often been a common theme throughout history. We live in an amazing world in which our main concern is eating too much food or limiting our consumption to the right foods. … Continue reading

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