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Christian cliches – do not judge

…the verses usually cited by Christians on not judging are actually a manual on how to judge. Jesus did not hate judgers. Jesus hated hypocrites. If you remove the sin from your own life, then you can judge others. Contrary to modern Christian psychobabble, Paul tells us that to be a good Christian one should judge all things Continue reading

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Why did Ford double wages?

When competition is allowed, labor flows to its most effective use at its natural market price. When competition is not allows, such as the government mandating minimum prices, the results are unemployment and under production. Continue reading

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do not do evil that good may come

The apostle Paul says in Romans that those who “do evil that good make come” are worthy of condemnation (damnation). As Christians, one should not vote for John McCain, who supports killing babies whose mothers have been raped or whose parents are related, such that Obama, who supports killing babies for any reason whatsoever, would not win. Continue reading

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FCC builds Berlin Wall to prevent escape

I remember one political science trip to DC during my college years. I had a chance to talk to the Commissioner of the FCC, Jonathan Steven Adelstein. My question revolved around the lack of open market mechanics in the radio spectrum. … Continue reading

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in defense of drunk driving

It is not about saving lives; it never is. As Steve Lansburg would point out, the lesson is never about tooth brushing it is about authority. Continue reading

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