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ancient swearing

Some Christians point to the fact that the entire world takes God’s name in vain as evidence that he is the true God. This does not seem a compelling argument to me; swearing by the dominant gods’ names is a tradition that pre-dates the spread of Christianity. In the past, “by Castor”, “by Hercules”, and the sometime still heard “by Jove” (Jove is Jupiter, which is the Roman name for Zeus) were common. Almost all gods of the Greeks and Romans could be used for a swear word. Continue reading

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jewish proselytization and proselytes

In summary, early Judaism had already gained a large following from the Gentiles by the time Paul showed up on the scene, with both converts and God-fearers. The pagan historians described this massive conversion, and there is ample evidence in Acts of this fact. Paul leveraged this receptive audience to his advantage. The God-fearers is where most of Paul’s success was found. Continue reading

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the police will protect you possibly

Remember, the police have no legal responsibility to protect you. Continue reading

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leftists use guns to curb state corruption

In Oakland, California Panthers would patrol the streets at night with legally owned shotguns and law books. Police brutality and false arrests dropped dramatically. The response of the State Legislature was to change the gun laws so that Black Panthers could no longer do armed patrols. The Panther’s response was to interrupt the hearings with guns and proclamations in hand. Bobby Seale, co founder of the Panthers told the press that black people had a constitutional right to bear arms to defend themselves. Continue reading

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why was paul persecuted and by whom

Paul was primarily persecuted by religious Jews who were offended that he taught:

1. Jesus was the Christ
2. Not to follow the works of the law
3. That gentiles and Jews were equal Continue reading

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Disabling America: The Unintended Consequences of the Government’s Protection of the Handicapped

Handicapped author Greg Perry explains how ADA hurts the disabled. Continue reading

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