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detroit: the liberal utopia

Detroit has recently declared bankruptcy, a declaration overturned by a judge. It is going broke as its residents flee. Humorously, the city was featured in the Survival TV show Apocalypse Man, about how to scrounge for food and shelter in … Continue reading

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how the free market eliminates discrimination

It has long been argued by economists that price pressures create incentives for employers and merchants to end discrimination. This is true because when products are being sold at the natural market rate, limiting your customers necessarily shifts demand to … Continue reading

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dust bowl rabbit bashing

A forgotten episode in American history:

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how God describes himself

There is a cavernous disconnect between how Christians describe God and how God describes himself. Here is one example of a typical Christian answer: God is a Spirit and is the Creator of all things. He alone is eternal (has … Continue reading

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the high cost of the ADA

A while back Huffington Post was outraged by Allen West criticizing mandated Handicap Access features for hot tubs. Those leftist went wild with rage. They called him names. Said he hates handicap people. And lambasted the businesses who protested this … Continue reading

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platonic and calvinist interpretations

Calvinists have a tendency to read into specific texts some ideas that are not present. That is the only way they can still claim the Bible as true while holding onto their platonistic ideas. Philo of Alexandria was the first … Continue reading

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ehrman understands symbolic and moral law

Many non-Christians attempt to counter claims that people are sinners by pointing to the Old Testament. If homosexuality is a sin, they say, then also wearing mixed fibers is as well (Lev 19:19). My response has always been that there … Continue reading

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