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Origen’s Neo-Platonism

Origen was an early merger of Neo-Platonism and Christian theology. In his writings, he represents creation as a departion from God. God is immutable and changeless. God, therefore, is not to be thought of as being either a body or … Continue reading

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the greek origin of omniscience

The concept of omniscience in rooted in the idea of God’s “perfection”. In platonism, the perfect cannot change. Thus, if god changed (such as learning new information) then god would not be perfect. Omniscience, then, is an extension of platonistic … Continue reading

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moses the antihero

Moses is a very unlikely hero of the Pentateuch. In usual fictional tales, the hero is some sort of chosen individual, endowed with special powers, who is born into royalty but is subsequently disenfranchised. This is before they return to … Continue reading

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angels or gods

Early anti-Christian Platonist Porphyry argues that Christians do not much differ from the pagans who believe in many gods because Christians believe in angels. As God rules over the angels, the pagans hold to a similar hierarchy. Porphyry does not … Continue reading

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eyewitness account of aztec sacrifice

From Bernal Diaz del Castillo’s The Memoirs of the Conquistador: Indeed, hardly a day passed by that these people did not sacrifice from three to four, and even five Indians, tearing the hearts out of their bodies, to present them … Continue reading

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movie review – Killing Jesus

Killing Jesus is a TV-movie adaptation of Bill O’Reilly’s work of the same name. The purpose of this movie seems to be to build a more historical portrait of Jesus, rather than the influx of spiritually focused TV films. The … Continue reading

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an overview of the mystery cults

[W]e may say that a Mystery-Religion was (I) a religion of symbolism which, through myth and allegory, iconic representations, blazing lights and dense darkness, liturgies and sacramental acts, and suggestion quickened the intuitions of the heart, and provoked in the … Continue reading

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ehrman on the absence of judas in paul

From Bart Ehrman’s Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: For I received from the Lord that which I also handed over to you, that the Lord Jesus, on the night in which he was betrayed, took bread, and after giving thanks, … Continue reading

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Jesus would not kick over your coffee bar

Mick Mooney writes a blog post for the Huffington Post where he describes what a modern day Jesus would do. It is written with all the scholarly Biblical knowledge of a high school student. If he wanted accuracy or honesty, … Continue reading

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the jewish temple is violated

When Pompey subdued Jerusalem (63BC), one of his first acts was to enter into the Jew’s most sacred place. It is here that the historian Tacitus (56-117 AD) says that Pompey discovered that the Jewish mysteries were empty: [5.9] Gnaeus … Continue reading

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