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Steve Jobs – savior of the poor

Any rational person can look at how government spends money and how Steve Jobs spends money and clearly see that society would be better off not taxing Steve Jobs at all! Steve Jobs has single-handedly given society a standard of living never before imagined. What has government done except impede progress and destroy lives? Continue reading

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the amazing food revolution

This is just further evidence that the rich might have more pictures of dead presidents but are not living that much better than the American “poor”. The vast amounts of extra money the rich pour into TV’s, cell phones, and food are for insignificant quality differences. Capitalism is the great equalizer. Continue reading

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the first intellectual property pirate

It can be argued that the first documented IP pirate converted an entire nation and saved literature at the same time. Columba should be held as a modern hero for these acts. Continue reading

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prosperity that might not have been

Image a world in which McCarthy could not find that pre-existing self-service store, or imagine a world in which that first store filled the patent. Patents destroy innovation and retard the standard of living. Continue reading

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mises on copyright enslavement

Copyrights/trademarks and patents are a luddite invention holding people in slavery. Copyright in a digital age is uncalculably damaging, as illustrated in these images Continue reading

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michael servetus was a calvinist

It is a great tragedy that Michael Servetus was executed and that the execution was followed up with the attempt to wipe his works from history. But Servetus, for all his good, was another mold of Calvinist, an even more consistent Calvinist than are alive today. Continue reading

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why not King James only

The Textus Receptus, although very similar to the majority text, is not the best representation of the majority of texts… If Jesus, Paul and the other apostles do not mind using imperfect texts, then modern Christians should not be so picky either. Continue reading

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content of salvation

When Paul talks about salvation, it takes a different flavor. People are not saved “from the enemy” but from “death”. People are not saved by doing righteous works, but by believing in a historical event. People are not saved in this life, but even after death. Paul preaches a new gospel. Continue reading

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the object of faith

Those who claim that “faith” has always been the method of salvation should clarify what they mean. Do they mean faith in anything, from space aliens to lottery tickets? When theologians try to overemphasis words, ensure they are being consistent, not using “bait and switch” tactics, and, above all, understanding all teachings in context. Continue reading

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kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is specifically when God returns to earth and establishes a physical kingdom, delivering the Jews from their oppressors… The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was the Jews returning to power under a righteous king. It was characterized by the wicked being destroyed and the righteous being elevated. Continue reading

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