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the violinist hypothetical

Parents have a moral obligation to their children, whether they want it or not. An unborn baby is no different. Continue reading

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on Christian irrationality

I readily acknowledge that the average Christian might have a lower IQ and a higher tolerance for irrational thinking than the average atheist, but I find comfort in the fact that our smartest can easily defeat their smartest. Continue reading

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animals v people

Loving animals is easy. The real feat is loving fellow human beings. Continue reading

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Non-Zero in 4 minutes

I stumbled across this brilliant video on a Mises blog post. If anyone wants to get the plot of Robert Wright’s Non-Zero in 4 minutes, this video is for you. The view should contemplate this in relation to Intellectual Property and copyright law. Continue reading

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failed prophecy of Tyre

God, unlike modern Christians, is not all wound up about every prophecy coming true always. Things change, variables change. With them, prophecy changes. Continue reading

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be subject to evil government

Although a government is murderously evil, we should still be subject to them to the extent that we acknowledge their sovereignty. Also, although a government is murderously evil, they are still commanded to preform executions. Be subject even to an evil government. Continue reading

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the absurdity of Intellectual Property

Copyright is a huge fraud. It is extremely arbitrary and extremely oppressive. Contrary to Copyright claims, Jesus said “is it not [Biblically] lawful for me to do what I want with what I own?” In other words, if I have a hard drive, can I not arrange the 1s and 0s however I wish? Copyright strips people of ownership rights. Continue reading

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