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abortion in early jewish and christian theology

No only this, but in the Apocalypse of Peter (@100-150AD) there is a horrifying image. All those women who have had abortions are forced to wallow in excrement/vile/gore up to their eyes. Their unborn babies encircle them, crying endlessly (the image is of their own children, whom they have murdered, piercing their ears with the infant cries they never were able to hear). And from the babies, fire shoots into the eyes of the mothers who aborted them: Continue reading

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when God dwells on earth

  As I have written before, the temple was at the heart of Jewish theology. To the Jews, the temple was God’s own conduit to Earth. The temple had existed from the time of Moses when God commanded Moses to … Continue reading

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my discussion with one of the little rock nine (or irrationality in politics)

Around 2004, I was taking a college class in Discrimination and Law. The purpose of this class was to examine the legal rules and processes behind discrimination lawsuits. The content of this class was very infuriating, describing burdens of proof … Continue reading

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ehrman on a physical kingdom of God

From Bart Ehrman’s Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium: Moreover, when Jesus refers to this coming Kingdom, in which God will reign, he does not appear to be thinking in purely symbolic terms about God becoming the ruler of your … Continue reading

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ehrman on the absence of judas in paul

From Bart Ehrman’s Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: For I received from the Lord that which I also handed over to you, that the Lord Jesus, on the night in which he was betrayed, took bread, and after giving thanks, … Continue reading

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Jesus would not kick over your coffee bar

Mick Mooney writes a blog post for the Huffington Post where he describes what a modern day Jesus would do. It is written with all the scholarly Biblical knowledge of a high school student. If he wanted accuracy or honesty, … Continue reading

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the jewish temple is violated

When Pompey subdued Jerusalem (63BC), one of his first acts was to enter into the Jew’s most sacred place. It is here that the historian Tacitus (56-117 AD) says that Pompey discovered that the Jewish mysteries were empty: [5.9] Gnaeus … Continue reading

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hatch on the differences between the Bible and greek thinking

From Edwin Hatch’s “The influence of Greek ideas and usages upon the Christian church“: It is impossible for any one, whether he be a student of history or no, to fail to notice a difference of both form and content … Continue reading

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mao was worse than hitler and stalin

Source Hitler is often cited as the example of the most evil person in existence. I suspect this is due to leftist’s love of communism and their attempts to whitewash history. FDR’s beloved “Uncle Joe” killed three times as many … Continue reading

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hardening pharaoh’s heart

In Exodus, often misunderstood is Pharaoh’s role in the story. To Calvinists, they see Pharaoh as a pawn without a will of his own. God hardens Pharaoh and uses him as a tool. To Free Will advocates, Pharaoh is the … Continue reading

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