people are not robots

CNN reports that almost 1 in 10 iPhone owners have “Jailbroke” their phones. “Jailbreaking” is the process of overriding the security settings to allow programs of the user’s choice to be placed on the device. This process might destroy the iPhone and void the warranty. Normal operations can be impaired, but oddly, in spite of this, 1 in 10 iPhone users have researched complicated and advanced hacking methods in order to decide they do not want some monolithic entity telling them what is best for them.

Human beings naturally love freedom; they love to innovate and create. They want to be free to act and think how they wish. When parameters are set on them, such as in a school setting, they naturally rebel. Instead, sites like YouTube and DeviantArt are prospering in the current age in which individuality is championed and new frontiers are constantly created.

Sadly, the innovators want to kill the golden goose that made them rich. Like a child crushing to death the pet they love, they increasingly vote for socialism, a socialism which finds ever growing excuses to limit and destroy innovation and creativity. Health care becomes government financed so the government feels it can then tell people how to eat, when to wear seatbelts, and what they can do in their free time. The rules compound with an ever growing chain of interlinked excuses to dictate people’s free actions. It will never stop until the government has their nation of perfect automatons living, acting and breathing in a predefined and prearranged manner. When the government controls something, they will strive to control everything.

The statists do not want innovation, they do not want creativity; they want the status quo. Old careers are to be held indefinitely. If the American agricultural sector was once 90% of the workforce, that was to be held from generation to generation forever. But people rebel: they create and innovate. Suddenly new technology careers spring from nothing and people flock from back breaking labor into wages for their imaginative thought alone. The government is at first shocked. Then it regains its balance and tries to wave its heavy hand over the new industries. They burden them with paperwork and laws, crushing newcomers and holding under their thumb anyone who has created something beautiful.

It is sickening: people voting for socialism. It is the death of creativity. It is the death of freedom. It was scaling back on government burdens that gave us and Ebay. It was to by-pass government that we have streaming media and Podcasts. It was in spite of government that we have an ever increasing access to information, and a network of providers of artistic compositions. The only thing we have to fear is ourselves, and we are the government.

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