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copyright thugs strike GTA

To make a million dollar game, movie, or any other wide scoped project, one will always violate some sort of copyright. Art works by building on the ideas of others. There is no possible way to do otherwise. But copyright laws are not about creation, they are about stagnation and government control. Continue reading

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in the copyright news

Just as homosexuals have to keep changing their group identification name (queer, gay, homosexuals, etc) because their actions naturally discredit the word, copyright infringers seem to be having the opposite effects on their group name Continue reading

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the Chinese do not care about copyright

I was once told that the Chinese car industry buys foreign cars, ships them to China, strips them down, copies all the parts, and then builds their own. Apparently this even extends to the company logos. Continue reading

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Non-Zero in 4 minutes

I stumbled across this brilliant video on a Mises blog post. If anyone wants to get the plot of Robert Wright’s Non-Zero in 4 minutes, this video is for you. The view should contemplate this in relation to Intellectual Property and copyright law. Continue reading

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the absurdity of Intellectual Property

Copyright is a huge fraud. It is extremely arbitrary and extremely oppressive. Contrary to Copyright claims, Jesus said “is it not [Biblically] lawful for me to do what I want with what I own?” In other words, if I have a hard drive, can I not arrange the 1s and 0s however I wish? Copyright strips people of ownership rights. Continue reading

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Bastiat applied to Copyright law

Subsidizes are bad, not only because they are immoral but also because it hurts the economy. Copyrights are a form of subsidy. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property in ancient Greece

The government is always there to create special privileges out of thin air for those who do not want to compete in a free market. Continue reading

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HDTV escapes slavery

Multi-million dollar corporations and heavily armed government thugs are no match for a teenager with a laptop. Continue reading

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the Christian case against copyright

In this video I explain why Copyrights, Patents and Intellectual Property are not moral laws. I show they are a fictional concept not identified as a sin in the Bible. Continue reading

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