Eagle Forum opposes personhood

As posted on www.eagleforum.org:

The “personhood” initiative lost by a landslide of 73% to 27% in Colorado in 2008, and its unpopular coattails hurt good pro-life candidates there. This poorly designed initiative would not prevent a single abortion even it if became law, and its vague language would enable more mischief by judges.

The latest election in Colorado showed the number of voters voting for personhood to have now increased to 30%. The issue of abortion is not about health, it is not about rape, it is not about choice. The issue of abortion is about if that unborn baby is a human being. So why not vote on that? Why not have that debate with opponents?

How will they respond? When is it right to murder innocent human beings? If the baby is known to be that innocent human being (an easy thing to show), all those other side points do not seem as relevant any more. When the debate is focused on choice, health, or any other nonsense, those wanting to protect the unborn will always lose. When the debate is focused on the heart of the issue, the dying child, pro-lifers have the truth on their side.

So why do popular right wing organizations (National Right to Life, the Eagle Forum, Americans United for Life, etc) oppose personhood? It is because they care more about man’s opinions than God’s. They are willing that millions of innocent babies die so they do not lose face with mainstream America, so that they do not lose donations in the now.

It will not be until organizations who follow God and do not compromise on murder, it will not be until they make personhood mainstream that the pretenders will jump on board.

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