top 10 reasons Rambo should be the movie of the year

I just happened across one of my old TheologyOnline posts from 2008:

Usually any movie featuring Sylvester Stallone has a special place in my heart, that is in the bargain bin part of it. But once in a while, an aging, hideous, monster of a man might actually make a good movie. Do not be deceived by the cover of this movie (Rambo looking out at the audience with lust and a hint of desperation). Sometime it is on the inside that which counts. I strongly feel Rambo should win the title of best movie of the year for the following reasons:

1.The Christians are the good guys.
2.The movie depicts the Christians as humanitarians.
3.The Pacifist Christian learns that it is not always wrong to kill bad guys, sometimes even by repeatedly applying a rock to their skulls.
4.It shows how naïve some do-gooders are.
5.It depicts the horrors of other nations (America haters, take that).
6.Rambo systematically kills 5 soldiers about to execute women and children (a very joyful moment).
7.There is a cool-beans sniper and he doesn’t die.
8.Unlike retarded movies, just because someone is portrayed in a negative light in the beginning does not mean they die later.
9.Rambo disembowels the evil, murdering, child molesting leader of the enemy (although the death was too quick for my preference).
10.It has the “We were Soldiers” feel of the outnumbered good guys totally annihilating the enemy through massive firepower.

There are a couple of reasons liberals can love it too.

1.The mercenary force seemed to be multi-national coalition force.
2.The (literal) pigs who killed one Christian were never brought to justice.
3.There are scenes of Christians being murdered en masse.
4.The Christian missionaries are mostly all killed.
5.The socialist government of Burma has left the 55 million inhabitants impoverished so there is lots of trees and no industry (close your eyes in the scenes where some trees die).

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