most asinine quote of the day

Fox News reports:

Helmke also says he gets “nervous” when gun advocates “talk about taking up arms against the government.” He explained, “When someone thinks that they, on their own, can decide that somehow the government is tyrannical and that they can start a revolution, start a civil war, then we’re not following the process that our founding fathers set up.”

Wait? What?
I don’t know, but I would venture to say that the exact opposite of what Helmke says is true. I was under the impression that our founding fathers took up arms over a small tax on a few luxury items and the government disarming one city.

Not only did our founding fathers not discourage armed rebellion against tyrannical governments, they were the original practitioners of armed revolt for minor infractions. If he were to quote our founding fathers as being only too eager to sacrifice life over petty disputes, he would be closer to the truth. After all, back in the founder’s days, people were all too eager to invade countries, end lives, and engaging in generally uncivil behaviors.

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